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Export Registration Certificate (ERC)

Export Registration Certificate is one of the most essential documents for starting international business. At present export business is the most profitable one of Bangladesh business sector. Now Bangladesh is one of the leading readymade garments, frozen food and potato exporting country in world market and also staying leading possession of Vegetable good, Handicrafts, Sea & frozen foods, Jute products, Shrimp & lobster, Agro-based products, Electronic Cable, Melamine, Crab & Elfish, Leather & fashion wear and so on. Without having export registration certificate (ERC) nobody can export Bangladesh goods to foreign country.

Bangladesh Govt. cordially encourages to enthusiastic foreign and local entrepreneur who wants to set up-export oriented business to invest a lot of lucrative business sector into the country. Now Govt. develops some export processing zone for boosting export business of Bangladeshi goods into the globe. If someone wants to establish export business of Bangladeshi at first needs to collect trade license then needed to collected export registration certificate to commence export business otherwise not possible to do the job. Basically foreign investor starts their export business by forming a limited company at RJSC (Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms).

Required Supporting Documents:

a) Requirement:
1. Owner/MD ID Card PhotoCopy
2. Owner/MD Photo – 5Copy
3. Company eTIN
4. Trade License
5. Bank A/C (Financial Solvency Certificate)
6. Membership (Business related Association membership)
7. Treasury Challan
Add for Company
8. M & A of Association
9. Incorporation
10. Form XII