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Various types of business exist in Bangladesh. One of them is Partnership Firm and others are Proprietorship and Limited Company. A Partnership Firm is formed under the provision of the Partnership Act 1932. RJSC (The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms) is the sole authority to Register Partnership Firm in Bangladesh. For Partnership Registration in Bangladesh the various steps which should be followed are hereby discussed.

When two or more especially minded persons or professionals want to start a business, they can enter into a voluntary agreement with the intention of making and sharing profits among themselves, such type of business is called Partnership Business. For forming a Partnership Business minimum two and maximum twenty people can be included. Now days for opening a Bank Account for Partnership Business, Partnership Registration from RJSC is essential. For this many of the unregistered Partnership Business owners go to register their Partnership Firms from RJSC. On the other hand to get some legal facilities Partnership Business Registration from RJSC is mandatory.

Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreement is well known as Partnership Deed. Usually the following terms and conditions are including in a Partnership Deed:

  • Name, Present Address, Permanent Address of the Partners.
  • Business Address
  • Amount of capital contribution of each partner
  • Name of the Partnership Firm
  • Duration of Partnership
  • Terms of Retirement
  • Dissolution of Partnership
  • Nature of Business
  • Share of profit taken by each Partner
  • Mode of Management

Steps of Partnership Registration in Bangladesh

partnership firm can be registered at the time of creation or even subsequently. An application should file to the RJSC where following information should include:

  • Take Name Clearance Certificate of the Partnership Firm

  • Principal place of business with full Address
  • Particulars of Business
  • Date of Establishment of the Partnership Firm
  • Joining Date of Partners
  • Terms of Retirement
  • Application must be submitted on the prescribed Form- I
  • Duration of the Partnership Firm
  • Particulars of Partners

It is suggested that one should register his/ her existing Partnership Firm at the earliest for avoiding unexpected circumstances. Also if one wants to start a new partnership firm he/ she must obtain Registration from RJSC in Bangladesh.