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What is a registered office?

For every company, there is a principal place of business to do its business activities, which is called as registered office. Each and every company in our country shall be governed under the Companies Act, 1994. It is important to notify the registered office address to the general public. A registered office address is the official address of the company for any communication by government or non – government or any other regulatory authorities. It is mandatory for every registered company in India to have a registered office address within 15 days of incorporation of a company or at the time of incorporation itself.

Shifting of Registered Office

The provisions related to shifting of registered office from one state to another state is explained in Companies Act, 1994. There are 4 ways of shifting of registered office from its existing location:
  • To another place within the same town/village/city
  • To outside the limits of village/town/city but within the same state and also within the jurisdiction of the same registrar.
  • To outside the limits of village/town/city and also outside the jurisdiction of the earlier registrar but within the same state.
  • To another state within Bangladesh.

Different steps need to be followed for each way of shifting of registered office.