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Share Register

A shareholder register is a list of active owners of a company's shares, updated on an ongoing basis. 

The share Register requires that every current shareholder be recorded. The register includes each person's name, address and number of shares held. In addition the register can detail the holder's occupation and price paid. The shareholder register is fundamental to the examination of the ownership of a company. A shareholder register must note all shares, issued by a company. In addition it should detail any possible restrictions on transferring shares, along with relevant citation(s), if available. 

The shareholder register differs from a shareholder list in that the shareholder list is updated only once per year, whereas the register keeps track of the current partial owners of a company. The origin of a shareholder register is a clear record of beneficial owners of shares (shareholders, who are entitled to and may exercise voting rights attached to the shares, along with other particular rights and powers, and receive dividends).

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